“Its prose and paragraphs intricately intertwine complexity and readability at the same time!”

– Wajeeha Bashir, Nerdection

Fans of the bestselling novel Presence, the Play will welcome 2102: Pretense, the Play, the latest offering from William E. Jefferson. This new novel catapults present-day concerns about AI into a stunning future-cast of tomorrow.

With the release of artificial intelligence into the world, we do not have the same world plus AI; instead we have a new, rapidly changing hyper-sort of world, causing many to ask, “Is wisdom dead?”

“Not yet,” Jefferson asserts, “but AI may be digging wisdom’s grave.”

Even now, AI fabricates and presents a brave new world of art, musical scores, scripts for dramas, plays, sermons, and stories never told. In today’s culture, dominated more and more by distant, discarnate, mediated connectivity, 2102 takes readers on a journey where wily artificial intelligence challenges the wisdom of the ages.

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Reader Reviews

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The world is advancing rapidly, and we witness new technologies, methodologies, and robotics every day. These advances purportedly make our lives easier, but do they truly? “2102: Pretense,” The Play written by William E. Jefferson, seems to shed light on the impact...

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Review by Teddie Richer Indeed, William E. Jefferson’s revolutionary new epic allegorical adventure PRESENCE, THE PLAY is a tale immersed in Easter tradition. But to classify it as a traditional Easter novel would not be doing it justice... It is a story full of...

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Presence, the Play by William Jefferson is an allegorical tale woven across multiple levels: Christian theology, media critique, the hero’s journey, and poetic reimagining of classic works, including Dante’s Inferno and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The storyline leads...

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Review by Cynthia Conrad While Jefferson calls upon the works of Frost, Chaucer and Poe to add depth to the story, it is Dante’s Inferno and biblical texts that inform the novel as a whole. With each trip to hell, Script must pass through one of five doors that open...

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“We are swiftly dehumanizing the Race. Like wildebeests, they race headlong into discarnate adventure and the so-called wonders of AI. They long, like Eve, to free themselves from their old, hardwired brains. … Humans have become lab rats of their own making. In their...

Novelist William Jefferson

Presence, the Play was written by William Jefferson and published May 1, 2021, by Port Estillyen Productions. The novel is set on the Isle of Estillyen.

William Jefferson writes from a Civil War-era cottage in the rural Ozarks and is the owner of Storybook Barn, an all-occasion event venue. Jefferson holds an MTh in Theology and Media from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Communication from the Wheaton Graduate School.

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