Presence, The Play Audiobook Review By BookTrib

by | Apr 30, 2023

“We are swiftly dehumanizing the Race. Like wildebeests, they race headlong into discarnate adventure and the so-called wonders of AI. They long, like Eve, to free themselves from their old, hardwired brains. … Humans have become lab rats of their own making. In their quest to cast off the eye of Deity and attain self-mastery, they’ve built massive platforms powered by algorithms. … The Race is just now waking up to the fact that AI and algorithms, fueled by data, take on a life of their own. Humans are weak—no match for the machines they’ve made. What’s been set in motion cannot be undone. The same with Eve, it was, when she pressed her teeth through the apple skin.”

These words, part of a masterfully choreographed monologue spoken by Lucifer upon the charred plains and pinnacles of Hell, are but one of the many highlights of the stellar performances packed into SueMedia Production’s audiobook adaptation of Presence, the Play by William E. Jefferson, the latest in Jefferson’s series of novels set on (or in this case, somewhere beyond) the Isle of Estillyen.

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