2102: Pretense, the Play

Fans of the bestselling novel Presence, the Play will welcome 2102: Pretense, the Play, the latest offering from William E. Jefferson. This new novel catapults present-day concerns about AI into a stunning future-cast of tomorrow.

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“William E. Jefferson’s ‘2102: Pretense, The Play’ masterfully weaves a captivating narrative that explores the intricate dance between advancing technology and the very essence of human existence, leaving readers spellbound by its thought-provoking brilliance.”

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Wajeeha Bashir


With the release of artificial intelligence into the world, we do not have the same world plus AI; instead we have a new, rapidly changing hyper-sort of world, causing many to ask, “Is wisdom dead?”

“Not yet,” Jefferson asserts, “but AI may be digging wisdom’s grave.”

Even now, AI fabricates and presents a brave new world of art, musical scores, scripts for dramas, plays, sermons, and stories never told. In today’s culture, dominated more and more by distant, discarnate, mediated connectivity, 2102 takes readers on a journey where wily artificial intelligence challenges the wisdom of the ages.

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William Jefferson

William Jefferson

William Jefferson’s first novel, Messages from Estillyen, is a highly allegorical tale set beyond the Storied Sea on the distant isle of named Estillyen. As Jefferson puts it, “Estillyen is equally far from everywhere, but mystically near.” Read More

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