Map of the Isle of Estillyen

Color map showing the postion of all the main features and buildings on the Isle of Estillyen

Map Key

The Point Quill House Monastary Three Pond Cottage Dairy House Silo on the Mound Scribe House Tunnel House Barnyard Speaker's House Fields & Crops Restaurant Infirmary Abbey Lakes Three Welcome to the Isle of Estillyen Tunnel House Treasure
  1. THE POINT: A peak at the very edge of Estillyen, where the mysterious Mr. Oban Ironbout lives with his faithful canine companion, Trip, in seclusion.
  2. QUILL HOUSE: An old, sturdy, wooden house, where Message Maker Epic (with the help of his blind collie, Treasure) brings the Readings Did God Really Say? and The Word Became Flesh to life.
  3. MONASTERY: Home base to the Order of Message Makers.
  4. THREE POND COTTAGE: May have originally been two cottages, but no one knows, and was built curiously on the banks of not three, but four ponds. Message Maker Narrative dictates the Readings The Scroll and the Fiery Pot and Piercing Words here.
  5. DAIRY HOUSE: Message Maker Plot reads Lips Unclean and Stop Doubting and Believe at this house built entirely from stones from Estillyen’s fields, which also calls itself home to Plot’s rabbit named Tremble.
  6. SILO ON THE MOUND: Once a sad, dilapidated structure when the brothers found it, it has since been transformed into one of Estillyen’s most beautiful landmarks and a symbol of rebirth and restoration. Here Message Maker Saga leads the Reading of Picking Up the Pieces.
  7. SCRIBE HOUSE: Sets the scene for the Reading Get Up! Don’t Be Afraid by Message Maker Story. Its defining features are its gigantic mirrors that cover opposite walls.
  8. TUNNEL HOUSE: Besides being built in an actual tunnel, this house has been described as a metaphor for experience; some speed through, while others slowly carry on, but all must move along and experience something. A Cry in the Crowd is read by Message Maker Drama.
  9. BARNYARD: Home to many of Estillyen’s animals, including a pig named Spook and his feline friend named Tiptoe; run by a Mr. Statter.
  10. SPEAKER’S HOUSE: Estillyen’s oldest building, at over 600 years old, this is the only place connected with the monastery and abbey that has a separate kitchen that caters to people with special dietary needs. Used mainly for lodging, but once a week there is a Reading here; Remember Me and Let Me Go! are two such Readings, which Message Maker Writer presents.
  11. FIELDS & CROPS: A well-known and well-loved restaurant which serves meals that will make you want to come back for more.
  12. INFIRMARY: Estillyen’s only medical facility, which is run by the order of sisters.
  13. ABBEY: The home of Estillyen’s order of sisters.
  14. LAKES THREE: A beautiful and serene cluster of lakes where you will most likely make some new animal friends, such as One the duck.

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