Messages From Estillyen

With Messages from Estillyen, author William E. Jefferson has crafted a story as rich as it is deep. Ancient words render contemporary thoughts, and characters cast distinct shadows of human worth.

Explore Estillyen with Hollie and Goodwin Macbreeze. Hollie is a budding artist who has recently been diagnosed with a troubling disease. Her search for “normal” brings her to a place she never expected.

Goodwin is an architect seeking dreams – a young man drawn to Estillyen by a mystery from his childhood. On their Estillyen pilgrimage, the couple is thrust into a surprising crisis that brings them face-to-face with deep questions concerning, fate, God and destiny.

Along the way, you will also meet the colorful and lively monks of Estillyen—an ancient order of Message Makers who settled on the isle in 1637. The Estillyen monks are renowned for their dramatic readings based on classic Scripture narratives.

The readings interspersed throughout the story offer a unique presentation of the Gospel via the ongoing struggle be¬tween the forces of darkness and light, and the necessity for the solution in the ‘Word made flesh.’

Be prepared, though – forewarned, if you will. Messages from Estillyen is not a fast read novel. The storyline comprises 432 pages of thought provoking and timeless content.

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And now, readers of Messages from Estillyen can introduce others to the work, either its complete form, or one of two companion editions:

Messages from Estillyen will help you to discover the very words that will transform your heart. Seek them. Find them. Make them your own.

Available on Amazon

In his breakout novel of spiritual revelation, William E. Jefferson invites readers on a journey of discovery where ‘joy and meaning break through pain…The themes are deep. Discerning readers will be drawn into the mystery surrounding Ironbout’s tortured soul… Read the Full Review

BlueInk Review

“The author weaves the threads of his story deftly and often poetically, shaping phrases with a lilting rhythm that evokes the cadences of storytellers of old and enhances the aura of mystery that surrounds Estillyen and its inhabitants.”

Clarion Reviews

William Jefferson

William Jefferson

William Jefferson’s first novel, Messages from Estillyen, is a highly allegorical tale set beyond the Storied Sea on the distant isle of named Estillyen. As Jefferson puts it, “Estillyen is equally far from everywhere, but mystically near.” Read More

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