Presence, The Play

Presence, The Play offers a penetrating perspective on the role of personal presence in the essence of life. This timely novel speaks to a growing hunger for a way of life that is real and tangible, the opposite of an artificial existence lived in a realm of mediated connectivity.

The story woven by author William Jefferson is a grand one. At times, it feels almost like C.S. Lewis has joined forces with him, taking us into a new Narnia and opening up some of the most amazing and memorable scenes you’ve read in a long time. Read Full Review

Amy Lignor

Feathered Quill

The protagonist of Presence, the Play is a playwright and monk named Script who lives on the Isle of Estillyen.On the opening night of Presence, Script’s long-awaited play, he suffers a devastating fall in the theatre balcony and lapses into a prolonged coma. The novel plays out in Script’s comatose state.

Presence, the Play offers a meticulously crafted storyline evoking the imaginative prose of J. R. R. Tolkien, the spirited perception of C. S. Lewis, and the dramatic flair of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Readers will join Script on an epic mission to save the Isle of Estillyen from the forces of darkness, experiencing many daunting adventures along the way.

William Jefferson

William Jefferson

Author William Jefferson writes from a Civil War-era cottage in the rural Ozarks and is the owner of Storybook Barn, an all-occasion event venue. He holds an MTh in Theology and Media from the University of Edinburgh, and an MA in Communication from the Wheaton Graduate School.

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