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by | Feb 18, 2024

The world is advancing rapidly, and we witness new technologies, methodologies, and robotics every day. These advances purportedly make our lives easier, but do they truly? “2102: Pretense,” The Play written by William E. Jefferson, seems to shed light on the impact of these technological advances on our lives, communities, and personalities. But what is this book about, and is it worth reading? Read the review to find out!

Spoiler-Free Plot of 2102: Pretense, The Play:

Mr. Quillingsworth from the Poet’s Lodge has three visitors: Margin, Shadow, and Lesser Light. They claim to be from a world of drama, curtain, stage, and play, and are here to enlighten him on future affairs. Mr. Quill doesn’t comprehend all this, and all three visitors depart.

One day in May, these three visitors return. Margin implores Quill to go with them to Onglander, where a play is happening. Quill hesitates, considering himself a novice. Nevertheless, the persistence of the three visitors and their familiarity with Quill’s works compel him to join them on their adventure.

All four reach Onglander in 2102, where players wear masks, and His Honor is listening to the convicted. The prosecutor is also present. The case revolves around Mr. Crackler, whose life is being destroyed by AI and its newer technologies.

Mr. Quill is there to convey these realities to people of the past through his poetry. Will he succeed? Will Mr. Crackler become free, or will his life be destroyed forevermore? How are AI and algorithms affecting people’s lives? Read the book to find out more!

My Take on 2102: Pretense, The Play :

As a fan of exploring how certain things affect our lives, the impact of AI, algorithms, and social media is a topic I love to delve into. I enjoy reading about how a certain 16- year-old developed disorders, thanks to smartphones.

For someone like me, reading an entire play-turned-novel about a future where AI is so out of control that reality becomes fiction, and fiction becomes reality; Chef’s kiss!

“2102: Pretense, The Play” succeeds in delivering its message about the ways in which AI, smartphones, and various gadgets are paving the way for the destruction of humanity’s existence. After reading this book, one ponders whether these gadgets make our lives easier or more difficult.

The characters were akin to the book itself: Heavenly, Intelligent, Clever, and Risk-Takers. I would love to embark on an epic journey with these characters. They were all flawless and endearing.

The review would be incomplete without praising the writer for this out-of-the-world writing style. Honestly, I haven’t read any book that’s so compelling, engaging, fun-to- read, and interesting. Its prose and paragraphs intricately intertwine complexity and readability at the same time! Almost half of those sentences forced me to stare at a wall with amazement at the author’s intelligence. This is coming from a person who has read at least 500 books in their life!

Overall, I genuinely loved reading this book, and I feel privileged to have read it before others. I am honestly going to read William E. Jefferson’s other book, “Presence, The Play,” because this author is one hell of a storyteller!

“William E. Jefferson’s ‘2102: Pretense, The Play’ masterfully weaves a captivating narrative that explores the intricate dance between advancing technology and the very essence of human existence, leaving readers spellbound by its thought-provoking brilliance.”

Age Appropriation:

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About the Author of 2102: Pretense, The Play

Novelist William E. Jefferson, a seasoned author and brilliant storyteller, is the creator of the mystical Isle of Estillyen, introduced in his debut novel, Messages from Estillyen (2014). His 2021 novel, Presence, the Play is an Amazon best-seller.

Jefferson holds an MTh in Theology and Media from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Communication from the Wheaton Graduate School. He serves on the board of the Marshall McLuhan Initiative (MMI) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is an active member and supporter of the Media Ecology Association.

His latest novel, 2102: Pretense, the Play, contains a code word in the title. The noun Pretense serves as a code word for AI.


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