Redemption: Twelve Readings From The Monks Of Estillyen

Redemption: Twelve Readings from the Monks of Estillyen serves as a companion to Messages from Estillyen and provides the full text of the readings found in the original work. In Messages from Estillyen Hollie and Goodwin MacBreeze take in these readings in quaint structure dotted about the isle—the like Three Pond Cottage, Tunnel House, and Silo on the Mound.

Synopsis:  “Redemption” serves as a companion to Jefferson’s work, “The Point,” and provides the full text of the monks’ readings that are highlighted there. In “The Point,” Hollie and Goodwin MacBreeze experience these readings and the impact of their truths. Excerpts of the readings are given in “The Point,” but the full version is only available in “Redemption.”

The readings in “Redemption” are dramatic portrayals of stories from Scripture, which allow the reader to see these timeless messages in a new light. Through unique characters such as “The Voice,” representing society as a whole, and the fictional voice of Lucifer, deeper meaning is added to well-known passages.

Through “Redemption,” readers are invited to ponder ancient truths and are pointed toward the Redeemer.

About Estillyen: In “Redemption,” Jefferson creates a magical island named Estillyen. Yet the Isle of Estillyen is a spiritual quest — not just a fictional setting. It represents ancient truths in a modern world, and allows readers to contemplate life and faith.

William Jefferson speaks about the Isle of Estillyen and the Importance of Words

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…From the introduction, which gives you a hint of words as thought messengers to the final appendix, which contains in-depth biographies of each monk, the format of this book makes you feel like you are sipping wisdom from an ancient tome painstakingly compiled by generations of monks rather than reading a contemporary work of fiction by a modern day author… Read The Full Review

Donna Cosmato

Christian Education Plus

Richly inspiring, this unique volume promises to draw readers closer to the theme of redemption-and to the Redeemer himself. The story beckons. Life it gives. Redemption it offersRead The Full Review

Jalynn Patterson

William Jefferson

William Jefferson

William Jefferson’s first novel, Messages from Estillyen, is a highly allegorical tale set beyond the Storied Sea on the distant isle of named Estillyen. As Jefferson puts it, “Estillyen is equally far from everywhere, but mystically near.” Read More

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