Presence, The Play Book Review By BookTrib

by | Apr 30, 2023

Review by Cynthia Conrad

While Jefferson calls upon the works of Frost, Chaucer and Poe to add depth to the story, it is Dante’s Inferno and biblical texts that inform the novel as a whole. With each trip to hell, Script must pass through one of five doors that open onto a scene related to stories from the Gospels. He must observe the characters and their interactions, then find and follow a path to hell.

Jefferson’s visions of Hades are wildly imaginative, populated by armies of tussling swarms of demons and vast numbers of sinners getting their (often ironic and thoroughly modern) comeuppances. Instead of Dante’s nine circles of hell, we explore new depths: the Seven Valleys of Sin, the Reservoirs of Bewilderment, the Crimson Cliffs, the Gargantuan Gorge. It’s a delight for fans of this genre.

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