Critical Acclaim for Divine Choreography of Redemption From IndieReader

… a masterful look at technology’s influence on humanity in this modern-day allegorical adventure in which the narrator, Narrative, relates his unusual visions in his quest to write a new telling of the story of redemption…

… this modern allegory is a must-read.

… The brilliance of this novel is Jefferson’s ability as a storyteller. Though deep, there are plenty of fun and humorous scenes that keep the plot moving. The author’s talent keeps this novel’s strength of story from getting lost in its symbolism…

… many sections are compelling and worth second or third readings, not because they’re difficult, but because they’re profound. Intriguing and thought-provoking, …

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Critical Acclaim for Divine Choreography of Redemption From Readers’ Favorite

… intelligent fiction at its finest …

… Jefferson takes us to the Isle of Estillyen, where time isn’t linear and distance is beautifully ambiguous…

… Divine Choreography of Redemption by William E. Jefferson is beautiful in both its message and the eloquent execution of that message…

… readers will find a book that entertains and delights while engaged in a careful dance that leads us on a beautifully intelligent path of reflection…

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Review by Roy D. Wallen

Here are some extracts from Roy’s review of The Point:

The blurb on the back of this edition claims reminders of Bunyan, Lewis, Donne, and Milton. While it is easy to scoff at such lofty aspirations, as I did, this claim is not far off the mark. One could even argue that there is a bit of Tolkein mixed with the author’s own sense of story-telling … [I]t has all the elements of a classic and only time will tell if it lives up to that aspiration.
This is a book to be read, savored, enjoyed, and used as a source of meditation, and reflection. We can only hope that there will be sequels.

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Review by Donna Cosmato

Here are some extracts from Donna’s review of ‘Redemption’:

From the introduction, which gives you a hint of words as thought messengers to the final appendix, which contains in-depth biographies of each monk, the format of this book makes you feel like you are sipping wisdom from an ancient tome painstakingly complied by generations of monks rather than reading a contemporary work of fiction by a modern day author.”
This book has an appeal that can span generations and genders. It is reminiscent of works by allegoric writers such as C.S. Lewis or John Bunyan, but with an ease of understanding and a literary melody that is not present in those other works.”

The full review can be found on the Christian Education Plus website.

Review by ‘Shadowplay4u’

Here are some extracts from Shadowplay4U’s review of ‘The Point’:

The Point is an unassuming yet powerful story that both instructs and captivates its audience. This story is mesmerizing in its ability to speak peace and comfort to your heart while opening your mind to the truth of the redemption of mankind. Intricately interwoven throughout is the redemption story which is presented with a freshness and vitality that will attract even the most complacent of heart.
William Jefferson will delight and entertain you with his unique approach to the telling of the redemption story. His musical and whimsical words will put your head in a tizzy and flood your heart with God’s love and peace. This is one story that will speak volumes to your heart and bring a deeper understanding to God’s love and grace. Jefferson is a brilliant and talented wordsmith, and his story has deeply touched my heart. Anyone who reads this book will never be the same, think the same, or love the same again.

You can read this review and others on the Barnes & Noble website.

Review by Jennifer C. Mcilwain

Here are some extracts from Jennifer’s review of ‘The Point’:

The story is largely dialogue driven. And the surprising twist at the end is one you won’t see coming! I don’t typically highlight my fiction books, but there were many places in The Point that I did.”
Scattered throughout the book are the “readings” that Hollie and Goodwin attend while visiting the metophorical Isle of Estillyen. I particularly loved these portions. Jefferson does an excellent job of presenting key portions of Scripture in telling the redemption story of the Bible. Particularly intriguing is the story aspect of these readings and the way Jefferson puts on display satan’s role in opposing God’s truth.”

The full review can be read on Jennifer’s blog ‘Mother of Three’

Review by Clarion Review

Here are some extracts from Clarion Review’s review of ‘The Point’:

Having a degree in theology and years of experience working for such organizations as the American Bible Society and the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, Jefferson has cleverly crafted The Point as a spiritual allegory. C. S. Lewis, the modern exemplar of that genre, has said, ‘To construct plausible and moving ‘other worlds,’ you must draw upon the only real ‘other world’ we know, that of the spirit.’ Jefferson wisely interweaves the experiences of real, empathetic humans mired in ordinary reality with the wisdom of mystical beings who inhabit the ‘other world.'”
The Point attempts, mostly successfully, to lead its readers toward ‘the point’ of human existence by means of a tale of two lost souls who are looking for spiritual answers and who find those answers through a series of adventures that ‘point’ to reintegration and redemption.”

The full review can be found on the ForeWord Reviews website.