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by | Oct 10, 2022

A beautifully written book that I enjoyed from beginning to the end. I love reading something that speaks into my soul and stays even when I have put the book down and this certainly did that. As others have noted, it does have echoes of Pilgrim’s Progress, but instead of following the journey of Christian, we enter into the journey of Script.

Script, a monk who, while in a coma, descends into the depths of hell (and here you can’t help but to make comparisons to Dante’s Inferno) and embarks on a journey to save his home and the human race. He encounters challenges and characters along the way and I loved how the author gave you time to listen to the dialogue.

Life has taken some very strange turns over the past few years for us all, troubled by war and pandemics, and in that context of uncertainty and threatened chaos, this book is a reminder to each one of use to be ‘present’ in our lives, to find balance amidst the clamour and clanging of modern technology and information. The undertones of spirituality weave throughout and the theological knowledge that Jefferson brings made it a perfect read for me.


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