Divine Choreography of Redemption

Divine Choreography of Redemption explores the story of redemption as divine drama advanced by acts and agents that transcend time and space. The novel is set beyond the Storied Sea on the ancient Isle of Estillyen, far from everywhere yet mystically near. There, a troupe of Message Makers from the seventeenth century mysteriously arrives to grapple with the theme in today’s context. At the heart of the novel, a battle brews between technology’s propelled existence—aided by modern devices and algorithms—and life centered in Scripture’s ancient narrative. The storyline begs the question: Does ultimate meaning truly abide in the saga of redemption’s divine choreography, or can it be extracted from media’s discarnate realm? Divine Choreography of Redemption is a celebration of prose, imagination, and faith. The novel casts a fascinating light on Scripture’s enduring drama—a living drama acted out against a backdrop divine.

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Critical Acclaim for Divine Choreography of Redemption

From Readers’ Favorite

… intelligent fiction at its finest …

… Jefferson takes us to the Isle of Estillyen, where time isn’t linear and distance is beautifully ambiguous…

… Divine Choreography of Redemption by William E. Jefferson is beautiful in both its message and the eloquent execution of that message…

… readers will find a book that entertains and delights while engaged in a careful dance that leads us on a beautifully intelligent path of reflection…

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From IndieReader

… a masterful look at technology’s influence on humanity in this modern-day allegorical adventure in which the narrator, Narrative, relates his unusual visions in his quest to write a new telling of the story of redemption…

… this modern allegory is a must-read.

… The brilliance of this novel is Jefferson’s ability as a storyteller. Though deep, there are plenty of fun and humorous scenes that keep the plot moving. The author’s talent keeps this novel’s strength of story from getting lost in its symbolism…

… many sections are compelling and worth second or third readings, not because they’re difficult, but because they’re profound. Intriguing and thought-provoking, …

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Welcome to Estillyen

Messages from Estillyen

messages-front-cover-250px SEARCHING for destiny Hollie and Goodwin Macbreeze journey to the Isle of Estillyen, a distant land inhabited by an ancient order of monks renowned for dramatic readings given in quaint structures dotted about the isle. The ancient order of message-making monks was founded in 1637.

Swiftly and unexpectedly, the couple’s lives become intertwined with the isle’s most notorious inhabitant, the reclusive Oban Ironbout, longtime resident of the Point. A mystery from the past arises to transform them all.

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“In his breakout novel of spiritual revelation, William E. Jefferson invites readers on a journey of discovery where ‘joy and meaning break through pain.’

“The themes are deep. Discerning readers will be drawn into the mystery surrounding Ironbout’s tortured soul. And the readings interspersed throughout the story offer a unique presentation of the Gospel via the ongoing struggle between the forces of darkness and light, and the necessity for the solution in the ‘Word made flesh.’

“The author’s writing is skilled, poetic, and reminiscent of the classical period. This is a book to
savor, not to gulp; the pace is leisurely. The style is allegorical in part, reminiscent of John
Bunyan and C.S. Lewis. The ‘readings’ hearken to Donne and Milton as well.

“The novel will appeal to readers who appreciate British wit, the skill of a true wordsmith, and the challenge of metaphysical introspection. Christian readers will be especially delighted by the creative way the author brings the Bible to life.

“Jefferson stays true to his motto: ‘Words matter, some more than most.’ The words in Messages from Estillyen matter.”

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“The author weaves the threads of his story deftly and often poetically, shaping phrases with a lilting rhythm that evokes the cadences of storytellers of old and enhances the aura of mystery that surrounds Estillyen and its inhabitants.”

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