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Presence, The Play

Presence, the Play offers a penetrating perspective on the role of personal presence in the essence of life. This timely novel speaks to a growing hunger for a way of life that’s real and tangible, the opposite of an artificial existence lived in a realm of mediated connectivity.

About The Isle of Estillyen

Far but Near:

Beyond the Storied Sea, where mariners and pilgrims long to sail, lies the ancient Isle of Estillyen. Though equally far from everywhere, those who wish to explore the isle shall find it mystically near.

The Mist:

Still, a challenge awaits everyone who embarks on an Estillyen voyage. To reach the isle, one must willingly breach the Estillyen mist. Most pilgrims do so eagerly, but some voyagers choose to skirt the mist. Although close to their destination, they encounter the mist and simply refuse to enter. The mist confounds their wits, and they sail away.

Long ago, it’s true, a strange incident occurred upon the isle. One clear Estillyen day, a thick veil of darkness rose out of the western sky, swept over the isle, and blotted out the sun. The darkness descended in a thick, hazy form that cloaked one and all. According to the reports, people moved about as “walking eyes,” calling out to one another amidst the haze.
To counter the darkness, an iridescent mist spontaneously arose from the Storied Sea. At first the mist hovered faintly over the waves. Soon, how- ever, broad swaths of shimmering mist encircled the isle a mile or so from shore. Then the mystical glow moved inland, consumed the darkness, and settled in, blanketing the isle with its reassuring presence. Read More

The History of Estillyen Monks

Explore the history of the Estillyen Monks

Biographies Of The Monks

Read the biographies of the Monks of Estillyen

Who Is William Jefferson?

William Jefferson’s first novel, Messages from Estillyen, is a highly allegorical tale set beyond the Storied Sea on the distant isle of named Estillyen. As Jefferson puts it, “Estillyen is equally far from everywhere, but mystically near.”

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