Misty Shore

by | Feb 24, 2021

Misty Shore derives its name from the legendary mist that circles the Isle of Estillyen. Miles from shore, the mist is always present, hovering above the Storied Sea. The mist expands and contract, rises and falls, but has never been known to fade away.
Encircling the isle as it does, the mist is revered by the Estillyenites. Others fear it, due to long-standing mystical and folklore legends. Regardless, the mist is a challenge to everyone who embarks on an Estillyen voyage.
To reach the isle, one must willingly breach the Estillyen mist. Most pilgrims do so eagerly, but some voyagers choose to skirt the mist. Although close to their destination, they encounter the mist and simply refuse to enter. The mist confounds their wits, and they sail away.
The “skirters,” as they’re called, miss the warm reception that awaits all who disembark in Port Estillyen. Skirters leave no footprints along Estillyen shores. The marvel of Estillyen life they might have known they will never know. Fear of the unknown has skirted them away.


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