“Let Them Go!”

by | Aug 31, 2014

The essay contest on the characterization of Lucifer as found in Chapter 21 of Messages from Estillyen: A Novel of Redemption and Human Worth is underway! Estillyen is pleased that various colleges and universities–among them, Bethel University, Gordon College, Taylor University, The College of the Ozarks, Dordt College, Evangel University, Westmont College, Trinity International University, and Northwestern College–have seen fit to help promote the contest to their students of literature.

In conjunction with the contest, Port Estillyen Productions is offering free downloads of the dramatic readings of Scripture from the Monks of Estillyen.

Reading Eleven, “Piercing Words,” is now available for download. Find it in its entirety here, along with Readings One through Ten.

“READER: A word must be spoken, scribbled, scribed, shouted, or something else, in order to become a word. Words are thought descriptors. They project thoughts from anonymity. They transfer thoughts into messages. Messages move the  world. . . .

VOICE: When does a message become a message, anyway?

READER: When it leaves its origin and transfers meaning in another place. That’s the mark of a message.” -excerpt from “Let Then Go!”


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