Review by Roy D. Wallen

by | Nov 25, 2013

Here are some extracts from Roy’s review of The Point:

[dacallout type=quote]The blurb on the back of this edition claims reminders of Bunyan, Lewis, Donne, and Milton. While it is easy to scoff at such lofty aspirations, as I did, this claim is not far off the mark. One could even argue that there is a bit of Tolkein mixed with the author’s own sense of story-telling … [I]t has all the elements of a classic and only time will tell if it lives up to that aspiration.[/dacallout]

[dacallout type=quote]This is a book to be read, savored, enjoyed, and used as a source of meditation, and reflection. We can only hope that there will be sequels.[/dacallout]

The rest of the review can be read on Amazon.


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