Review by ‘Shadowplay4u’

by | Jul 15, 2013

Here are some extracts from Shadowplay4U’s review of ‘The Point’:

[dacallout type=quote]The Point is an unassuming yet powerful story that both instructs and captivates its audience. This story is mesmerizing in its ability to speak peace and comfort to your heart while opening your mind to the truth of the redemption of mankind. Intricately interwoven throughout is the redemption story which is presented with a freshness and vitality that will attract even the most complacent of heart.[/dacallout]

[dacallout type=quote]William Jefferson will delight and entertain you with his unique approach to the telling of the redemption story. His musical and whimsical words will put your head in a tizzy and flood your heart with God’s love and peace. This is one story that will speak volumes to your heart and bring a deeper understanding to God’s love and grace. Jefferson is a brilliant and talented wordsmith, and his story has deeply touched my heart. Anyone who reads this book will never be the same, think the same, or love the same again.[/dacallout]

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