Review by Jennifer C. Mcilwain

by | Jun 29, 2013

Here are some extracts from Jennifer’s review of ‘The Point’:

[dacallout type=quote]The story is largely dialogue driven. And the surprising twist at the end is one you won’t see coming! I don’t typically highlight my fiction books, but there were many places in The Point that I did.”[/dacallout]

[dacallout type=quote]Scattered throughout the book are the “readings” that Hollie and Goodwin attend while visiting the metophorical Isle of Estillyen. I particularly loved these portions. Jefferson does an excellent job of presenting key portions of Scripture in telling the redemption story of the Bible. Particularly intriguing is the story aspect of these readings and the way Jefferson puts on display satan’s role in opposing God’s truth.”[/dacallout]

The full review can be read on Jennifer’s blog ‘Mother of Three’


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