Review by Clarion Review

by | Apr 12, 2013

Here are some extracts from Clarion Review’s review of ‘The Point’:

[dacallout type=quote]Having a degree in theology and years of experience working for such organizations as the American Bible Society and the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, Jefferson has cleverly crafted The Point as a spiritual allegory. C. S. Lewis, the modern exemplar of that genre, has said, ‘To construct plausible and moving ‘other worlds,’ you must draw upon the only real ‘other world’ we know, that of the spirit.’ Jefferson wisely interweaves the experiences of real, empathetic humans mired in ordinary reality with the wisdom of mystical beings who inhabit the ‘other world.'”[/dacallout]

[dacallout type=quote]The Point attempts, mostly successfully, to lead its readers toward ‘the point’ of human existence by means of a tale of two lost souls who are looking for spiritual answers and who find those answers through a series of adventures that ‘point’ to reintegration and redemption.”[/dacallout]

The full review can be found on the ForeWord Reviews website.


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