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by | Jul 14, 2012

Words from the author about his Estillyen visit …
and the birth of this book

I joined the curious, who gathered in Estillyen’s structures. I watched. I listened. The message makers wasted not a word, drawing their audiences into a surging current of spiritual intrigue that flowed swift to the heart of human worth. I scribbled all manner of notes and scrolly bits. Much I heard about self and spirit.

I was astounded by this order of monks. How dutifully devoted they are about weaving their messages! Most carefully they clothe thoughts with words. Deep and abiding truths I encountered. Matters great concerning God and man were posed. No wonder travelers journey from afar to hear the Estillyen readings.

During those memorable days, among Estillyen’s hills I often strolled. Deeply I pondered. It was there a vision dawned: Messages from Estillyen. My notes and scrolly bits would be my book! Self-stitching was set aside; I captured what I observed. Characters unique I encountered. They spoke; they told their tales. I listened; their stories I vetted.

Messages from Estillyen is not a fairy tale told for the telling. With wit and wisdom sure, the message makers weave words that truly matter. With missionary grit, they ply their passion. A bit peculiar, certainly, these monks are. Just the same, they tend to be very thought-provoking.

Scripted more like plays and not at all like lectures, the readings have a way of speaking wellness to present-day maladies. On Estillyen, pretention is offered repose, given a respite. The present’s rapid strike is stilled. This I witnessed. It was so.

Given the makeup of the Isle of Estillyen, Messages from Estillyen is not a simple book. Its complexity blends themes in a way that sets the mind racing and the heart charging to keep pace.

On the Isle of Estillyen I discovered light within darkness and darkness within light. Therefore, the world presented here is not black-and-white. The ancient and the mysterious are welcome, not cloistered and closeted away. In certain light they live – this is the way of Messages from Estillyen.

What more might I say? Messages from Estillyen is to be read. To the Isle of Estillyen I commend you go. Step ashore! Words await you.


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