The Monks of Estillyen – Brother Story

by | May 3, 2013

Readings given by Story are great examples of storytelling fused with rhetoric. His demeanor couples compassion with conviction, in a style that is unique among the Estillyen message makers.

Scribe House, with its reading room of opposing mirrored walls, is the ideal residence for this charismatic monk. Story is fond of literature—his lines no one can anticipate. His focus on Christ is intense, but never forward or off-putting, as he flows effortlessly and rhythmically from theme to theme.

One minute Story may ask, “Is a picture worth a thousand words?” Then, as rapidly as the question is posed, he’ll move on to paint that picture with words,which are both unforgettable. A case in point is two lines from Get Up—Don’t Be Afraid:

“The mystery of Christ was hidden throughout the ages, like sand
unseen, deep on the ocean floor.… Scrolled away, stowed away, life
swam to and fro, not knowing the mystery latent in God’s plan.”

Story’s propositions are no less intriguing. Ever so crisp is the idea that the “thesis statement” for Christ’s entire ministry can be summed up in Christ’s words spoken on the Mount of Transfiguration: Get Up—Don’t be Afraid.

Creatively outside conventional boundaries Story effortlessly grazes. It is no surprise that Story would propose a ballad for the character Lucifer, titled Hapenstance and Chance!

Story’s main hobby is fly fishing. While he always enjoys the company of friends, he is no stranger to solitude. It is in the realm of solitude that his storytelling dreams come alive.


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