The Monks of Estillyen – Brother Saga

by | May 3, 2013

Among the twelve readings of Redemption, Saga is credited with just one—Picking Up the Pieces. However, his reading and input in constructing the Redemption series have proven invaluable.

Consider the following two lines from Picking Up the Pieces:

“Through messages and mediums, God creates, reveals, reckons, and
restores. From the medium of self, God’s communication flows, not
unlike a divine pulse emanating throughout the cosmos down to man.”

Saga is a simple, humble monk who lives in the tradition of St. Francis of Assisi. Silo on the Mound is his residence, where each Christmas he leads the drive in gathering gifts for needy children on the mainland.

Most afternoons, Saga makes the rounds at Good Shepherd Infirmary to visit patients. Somehow, he manages never to be in a rush, as he moves through the corridors. Saga is conversant and kind-hearted—and seems always to have a good word to say.

When not focused on acts of charity toward children and the needy, Saga expends his energy caring for the animals of Estillyen. Feeding the ducks down at the ponds is a morning ritual, and he is regularly spotted on his way to Mr. Statter’s animal shelter to lend a hand.

Saga may be humble, but when it comes to Estillyen readings, there are few in the Order of Message Makers who can match his innate passion for Scripture. A student of drama and the arts, Saga gravitates ever so naturally to the notion of God being the choreographer of his drama.

Saga is quick to ask, “Say, where do you see yourself in that great drama?”


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