The Monks of Estillyen – Brother Narrative

by | May 3, 2013

If a single word can adequately define the core of a person, the word for Brother Narrative would be zeal. Zeal for the cause of Christ is his calling. Narrative’s parish has no limits. To the world at large his heart and mind are always tuned.

Narrative worked his way through college repairing antique case clocks, and to this day he keeps the clocks on Estillyen ticking. In seminary, his studies led him courageously into the field of apologetics, from which he has never veered.

This choice of subject matter was not simply to satisfy curiosity, but to equip his passion for world evangelization. Narrative possesses an amazing knack for disarming argumentative angst against God. Estillyen’s motto—“Let God be God”—is a line Narrative often quotes.

Narrative was one of the lead proponents of weaving the character of Lucifer into the Estillyen readings—a characterization quite popular in the readings Scroll in the Fiery Pot and Piercing Words. Narrative jokingly says, “I enjoy twisting truth out of Lucifer’s lunacy.”

Estillyen’s Three Pond Cottage is where Narrative writes and gives his readings. For more than a decade, people have gathered in the cottage to listen to his dramatic tales.

When not at Three Pond Cottage, he’s apt to be spotted in the lower level of the monastery—looking after the Estillyen Bible collection and chatting with visitors—or out repairing one of the many clocks ticking in Estillyen structures.


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