The Monks of Estillyen – Brother Epic

by | May 3, 2013

Epic is one of the most delightful and gregarious monks on the Isle of Estillyen. Not a measure of eccentric appeal does he lack. His residence and storytelling venue is Quill House on the Bend. Over the years, his readings have been translated and distributed to numerous countries throughout the world.

Epic is an avid reader and a lifelong student of history. He has led a number of pilgrimages to the Holy Land and various historical Christian sites.

Epic has a great fondness for the outdoors, and he loves to fish and sail at Lakes Three. He is seldom seen without his blind collie, Treasure, and he delights in showing off his Quaker Parrot, Shakespeare, to all Quill House visitors.

Epic’s passion is centered on words and why they matter. Like all of the monks in the Order of Message Makers, Epic is driven by mission, and he is a strong advocate for the poor and disadvantaged. He is a consummate counselor. Epic is in his nineteenth year of ministry on Estillyen’s isle.


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