Narrative Familiarity Scale

The storytelling monks of Estillyen speak passionately about the importance of stories and overarching narratives. They contend that everyone has a story worth telling.

Further, the monks suggest centering one’s individual story, in an overarching narrative of life. The monks of Estillyen, naturally, commend the overarching narrative of Scripture, which is centering in the person of Christ.

The Narrative Familiarity Scale was developed as a way of visualizing this concept. The ultimate position on the scale is Holistically Familiar.

The Estillyen monks contend everyone, everywhere, is located somewhere on the Narrative Familiarity Scale!

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The final Chapter of Messages from Estillyen contains a reading crafted collectively by the Estillyen monks. The reading is titled, Centering in Christ.

The reading features dialogue between the monks, identified as the Reader, and the audience, referred to as the Voice. In reading the chapter, it’s helpful to imagine the monks speaking, as one, to a curious individual.

The monks of Estillyen, without a doubt, have encountered many such curious souls along the way.

The reading, as it appears in Chapter 23 of Messages from Estillyen:

A Reading, Crafted Collectively by the Monks of Estillyen:
Centering in Christ

READER: Voice, St. Paul once sent a heartfelt prayer to followers of Christ in Ephesus. It was a prayer to ponder. Through time, the prayer has moved and mattered. Now a few lines have found their way into this Estillyen reading. Shall I read you the prayer?

VOICE: Yes, please. I’d like to ponder it, as well.

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