About the Isle of Estillyen

Color map showing the postion of all the main features and buildings on the Isle of Estillyen

“Messages from Estillyen” take place on the beautiful and magical Isle. Author William Jefferson creates a place in which ancient truths exist in a modern world, offering peace and hope to those who enter. More than just a fictitious setting, however, Estillyen is a spiritual quest.

Though Estillyen is the setting for the novel, it represents much more. On the Isle of Estillyen individuals are free to explore Scripture, question the meaning of life and find redemption through the Savior. Themes such as art, pain, disease, human worth and the power of words are pondered and discussed freely.

“Estillyen is a place where the pace of life slows down so you can really think about issues,” Jefferson said. “My hope is that readers will create their own ‘Isle of Estillyen’ — a place where they can stop to learn and listen. Estillyen doesn’t have to be a fictional place. The miracles of Estillyen can happen in each individual’s life.”

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