From the Author

It took me nearly a year and a half to write Messages from Estillyen. I began the work in October 2010, and the novel was published in July 2012.

Initially, I had no intention of producing a work of fiction. I’d never even considered the possibility, so it was a total surprise when my pen started moving down a fictional trail. Yet all of a sudden, characters emerged that allowed me to say what I could never say on my own. Turning to fiction has helped me to find my voice, to convey a deeper sense of thought and passion.

Picture of the dust Jacket for the novel 'Messages from Estillyen' by William E. Jefferson

Yet, Messages from Estillyen is no fairy tale. The story is woven around a selection of Scripture narratives. We like to suggest that Messages from Estillyen can rightly be called “truth framed in fiction.” If you were to gut the truth from the novel, the novel simply would not be.

My central aim was to write a book about “God’s messaging of grace.” I wanted to rally a few thoughts around the idea of God directing His own communication, telling His own story, being His own message maker.

Also, I was keen to engage Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote—The Medium is the Message—and apply it to the person of Christ. I had no idea those dual ambitions would, in the end, produce Messages from Estillyen.

The very subject of communication has been a lifelong fascination—and the focus of a three-decade-long career in the nonprofit sector. I view media and communication as an ever-evolving force, molding individuals and shaping societies, for good and ill.

Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you from the Isle of Estillyen. May the messages you receive challenge your mind, surprise your heart, and help you find your own voice in our noisy world.

-William E. Jefferson

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