A Year of Estillyen Encounters

What if you were somehow given a year to travel to the ancient Isle of Estillyen and discover the world that is Messages from Estillyen? It’s not impossible.

Cropped section of the "Messages from Estillyen" book cover

We invite you to join our Estillyen team here in the coming months, as we share the important truths that we ourselves have discovered woven through the pages of Estillyen’s novelour own encounters with a world that intrigues us and an isle that inspires our souls.

In Messages from Estillyen, we encourage you to …
[list style=”unordered” type=”type10″]
Explore why words matter—how they mold and make us, harm and heal us.
Understand how Scripture’s choreographic feat is a story beyond the story.
Probe the question of human worth, and what it means to you and your faith.
Examine Lucifer’s malicious craft of message making.
Grasp the significance of Christ’s astonishing confession: “My message is not my own.”
Explore why Christ, alone, is the perfect union of Medium and Message.
Ponder the human quest for normality.
Appreciate why present days are hapless without ancient ways.
Discover how stillness and solitude can nurture your soul and spirit.
Learn how redemption is only possible when self surrenders.
Examine the great war of self and spirit.
Know what it means to let God be God.

Of course, no two Estillyen adventures will be the same. So please write to us, won’t you? We’d love to hear from you. Your own “Estillyen Encounters” may well inspire others to join the Estillyen journey!

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