Estillyen Essay Contest: Ten Possible Directions

by | Oct 18, 2014

Messages from Estillyen: A Novel of Redemption and Human Worth offers ten portrayals in which Lucifer appears as a real-time observer of well-known Scripture narratives, including the Transfiguration and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In one angst-ridden diatribe, titled simply “The Speech,” Lucifer explodes with theological musings. Seemingly unfazed by the divine construct of Scripture and its story of redemption, Lucifer contends that his chaotic brand of message making will eventually trump God’s choreographed message.

We invite you to muse on this speech and join the contest by submitting a short (300-word) essay on the characterization of Lucifer as reflected in “The Speech.” If you’ve already registered for the contest, thank you! If not, we invite you to do so now. You can register for the contest and read the speech here.

If you need a specific direction for your essay, feel free to use one of the following ideas. Of course you may use your own idea as well. Possibilities are endless; be creative!

  1. Identify Lucifer’s specific lies, and dismantle them.
  2. Write a poem to counter Lucifer’s.
  3. Identify the places where Lucifer alludes to Scripture.
  4. Describe the scene before the speech. How does Lucifer prepare?
  5. Describe the scene after the speech. How does Lucifer debrief?
  6. Compare the speech to other pieces of literature.
  7. Explain whether you believe Lucifer believes his own words. Is he himself completely convinced, or is he putting on a front?
  8. Identify where Lucifer twists Scripture for his own purpose.
  9. Describe how Lucifer lives up to his various names–father of lies, serpent, etc.
  10. Lucifer claims to have “unbelievable powers of foreknowledge.” Is there any evidence of this?

Thank you for considering this. We look forward to reading your essay!


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